06 September 2021
CX Team welcomes new undergraduates: Daniel Sebastianne Daiz, Lorenzo Gabriel Joquino, and Josoel Sabile

24 June 2021
Congratulations to our new graduates: Damian Dailisan [PhD Physics] and Ivan Fenis [MS Physics]

15 January 2021
Ivan Fenis successfully defends his thesis on ‘Interplay of behavior and traffic dynamics at multiple paired U-turn slots’. Congratulations, Ivan!

16 December 2020
Damian Dailisan successfully defends his dissertation on ‘Modeling transport: Different aspects of urban mobility research’. Congratulations, Damian!

19–23 October 2020
CX Team participates in the 38th SPP Physics Conference.

05 September 2020
CX Team welcomes new undergraduates: Mark Louise Badua, Olyn Desabelle, and Elmo Domino Jose

08 July 2020
New Publication: Crossover transitions in a bus-car mixed-traffic cellular automata model by D. N. Dailisan and M. T. Lim

17 March 2020
In compliance with university guidelines, CX Team shifts to remote work.

11 October 2019
New publication: Modeling the residential distribution of enrolled students to assess boundary-induced disparities in public school access by L. J. M. Rubio, D. N. Dailisan, M. J. P. Osorio, C. C. David and M. T. Lim

02 September 2019
Damian Dailisan goes on a research visit to Prof. Alex Bayen’s lab at UC Berkeley.

29 May – 01 June 2019
CX Team participates in the 37th SPP Physics Conference @ Bohol.

29 March 2019
CX Team conducts a seminar on Good data vs bad data: Is this dataset useful? at the DOTr.

06 March 2019
New publication: Vehicular traffic modeling with greedy lane-changing and inordinate waiting by D.N. Dailisan and M. T. Lim

17 September 2018
Gabriel Gomes and Alexander Keimer hold traffic research seminars and workshops at NIP.

23–28 September 2018
Damian Dailisan participates in the UrbanSys satellite conference at the CCS 2018 @ Thessaloniki, Greece.

10 August 2018
Congratulations to our new graduates last June 2018: Chester Balingit [MS Physics], Clyde Huang [BS Applied Physics], Ivan Fenis [BS Applied Physics (magna cum laude)] and Lloyd Rizada [BS Physics (magna cum laude)]

06–09 June 2018
CX Team participates in the 36th SPP Physics Conference @ Puerto Princesa.

01 November 2017
Official start date of PCARI-DARE Project.